Napalm boat

Wild Object

Polyestyrene, boats and gasoline is what logistics moves
Polyestyrene and gasoline makes Napalm

Polyestyrene, gasoline and boats are the three main elements in World logistics.This was a trigger for my concept when doing this boat. Gasoline might be expensivefor transport, but is relatively a very cheap material if used for modeling. When mixed with the polyestyrene it dissolves the air bubbles in the polyestyrene making it reduces 1/10th of its original size. The result is a very sticky dough that when extended into thin layers dries to be a solid plastic.

This boat was shaped as a challenge. Living in the Netherlands, one learns to understand the threat of the sea, and more specially in this times of sea rise. Is a country that is built as an engineering master piece. All children must learn to swim with clothes as soon as they can. Dutch are always prepared. And so I wanted to be. The challenge was to build a boat in as little time as possible, solid and able to carry me, another person and suviving basics. I didn ́t allow myself to use more than two materials and tools were also reduced to two. No electricity could be involved.

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